Sculpy Workshop

Our first workshop of the semester was a sculpting workshop. During the workshop, we led members through the step-by-step process on sculpting and also gave members a calendar of events for the semester. Check out some of the results!

Youth Caring for the Environment Exhibit

ArtEco worked with schools in Ann Arbor to put together an exhibit on youth -created art pieces inspired by the environment. ArtEco members collaborated with Ann Arbor teachers from Abbot Elementary, Burns Park Elementary, Skyline High School, and En Nuestra Lengua, visited the classrooms and presented information to students about climate change and conservation. Students... Continue Reading →

Sketching Workshop with Nora Venturelli

Thanks to everyone that came out for the sketching workshop! We had a great time learning about lines, sketching, and how to visualize our environment with Nora Venturelli. Big Thanks to Nora for the great workshop! Check out her work here: Nora Venturelli Studio

De-Stress with Art!

With upcoming finals, Art Eco and the Student Government's Wellbeing chair hosted De-stress with Art! Students had fun coloring, making origami animals, and learning how to make recycled pots for their new baby plants!

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