WSG Gallery – Ann Arbor

WSG gallery

In 1999, a group of 12 local artists opened what has turned out to be Ann Arbor’s award-winning and longest running gallery. Each artist is featured in a rotating one-person exhibit lasting about 5-6 weeks. WSG gallery also shows work by eight to ten visiting artists juried in by the members.

Where: 306 S Main St #1a, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Hours: Open Tuesday- Sunday (check website for hours)

Openings are usually on the first Friday evening after a new show begins. Pieces cover a variety of mediums and topics.

Some of the artists include;

Sarah Alderstein


Born in Chile, Sarah left 30 years ago to attend graduate school at WASHU. She works as an applied aquatic ecologist.Sarah is a current faculty member at the School of Environment and Sustainability (formerly SNRE).

Sarah is a current faculty member at the School of Environment and Sustainability (formerly SNRE).

Sarah has stated that she did not pursue an academic training in the arts but has been painting for as long as she has been a scientist.

Her work has been shown across the world in galleries and museums in Chile, Europe, Canada and US.


Nora Venturelli


Born in Rosario, Argentina. Nora immigrated wth her family to California in 1968.  Since then she has pursued her passion in the arts and has been living in Ann Arbor for the past 20 years.

She is active in showing her work locally and internationally and currently works as a lecturer at the University of Michigan teaching drawing and painting.

These are merely two among many talented artists that showcase their work at WSG. To learn more about the other artists and their work as WSG check out their website: WSG Gallery

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